Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day Two Hundred Ninety Nine 2013

I was thinking how out of place these blue and purple and pink hydrangea blooms looked in late October, the month of orange and red and yellow. I couldn’t believe they were still blooming at all. I wish I had cut the blooms and brought them into the house to enjoy.
Because this is what they looked like the next day after our first hard freeze of the season. How sad is that? I guess the only great thing about a hard freeze is that all the mosquitoes are officially dead and gone. Until next year, hydrangeas. [And skeeters]


Ann S. said...

Aw man! Yeah you should have cut you a bouquet to bring inside. Maybe the leaves will start to change in earnest now.

Jane said...

Can't believe they bloomed so late, but it hasn't been terribly cold until lately. They were beautiful! (Glad the skeeters are gone!)