Friday, April 8, 2011

Day Ninety Eight 2011


Elijah waited for his sister Shelby after school with two Kit Kat bars melting in his sweaty little hands--one for him, one for her. When he realized they were melting, he ran inside and put them in the freezer and came running back, all out of breath, so he could be there to greet her.

Did you jump for joy because it's Friday? Happy TGIF, everyone, and happy weekend!


Jane said...

Elijah is sooo sweet!!! Great trampoline shots. I'd jump for joy for Friday, but I'm too tired! :)

Ann said...

What a sweet little brother! Glad he got his Kit Kat's in the freezer before they completly melted :0) The up close and personal Tulip shots are beautiful!

Kelly said...

That IS sweet!!! Love all the pics! Trampoline action shots are hilarious!!! Pretty flowers!!! :o)