Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day One Hundred Eleven 2011

We hosted grand daughter Shelby's 4th grade class Easter egg hunt today. They were blessed with perfect weather for their hunt. Shelby and her mom colored these eggs to use in two of the games they played. Easter is definitely the most colorful time of the year!

Each of the 23 students had 23 numbered eggs to find. Let me tell you, that's a LOT of eggs to hide, so most of them we just scattered around the yard.

They all got off to a running start, but the action soon slowed down when they had to look for eggs with specific numbers on them.

Shelby was #14.

Counting eggs and checking out the goodies inside!

They used the real eggs for this relay race. It's not easy keeping those wobbly eggs on a little spoon while you try to race across the yard to a certain spot and then have to walk backward without dropping the egg and hand it off to your partner.

They used the real eggs for an egg toss game which somehow turned into a food fight. Needless to say, teacher did not appreciate that. I guess the temptation was just too much.

I think they all had a good time. This is their last egg hunt as students. Next year, as 5th graders, they all head off to middle school and won't get to enjoy such activities at school. Makes me feel a little sad for them. They grow up way too fast.

By the way, this little Easter bunny showed up at my house this afternoon. Grandson Elijah enjoyed his egg hunt Tuesday. Today he came home with this bunny mask and was tolerant enough to let me take his picture in it. Had to share it.


Ann said...

I've been looking forward to the egg hunt pictures! I'm so glad the weather cooperated :0) Great pictures and it looks like everyone had fun!

Jane said...

I'm glad you had good weather, too. Great pictures! It is sad for them - I was just thinking how much bigger the kids are since the last time you hosted the egg hunt. I'm sure they had a blast, and Elijah is just the cutest little bunny ever!!! :)

Kelly said...

I was thinking about them wondering if the weather was nice for the egg-stravaganza! Looks like much fun was had :o) Glad they had fun. Sad it's their last year of kid fun. Elijah, cute as always!