Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day One Hundred Fifty One 2011

Eye candy in a pot on my deck. Lantana. Supposed to attract butterflies. That remains to be seen. They seem very hardy because they haven't wilted in the recent heat wave. And I keep forgetting to water them. Oops.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day One Hundred Fifty 2011

My hubby Neil pulled an old pair of boots from the wood shed to put on while he was doing some digging in the yard today and found a bird nest in one of them. Apparently, these boots have been in the shed for quite some time. The nest looked old and used, no eggs. I hope whoever built it doesn't come back looking for her home.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day One Hundred Forty Nine 2011

This is my 96 year old Aunt Joy Brown, reciting from memory the song/poem 'The Ragged Old Flag' this afternoon during the Memorial Day program in Gainesboro, Tennessee. She began doing this years ago and is always in great demand for these events. She made the Uncle Sam costume and used to tap dance in it before she fell and broke her hip a few years back. Now she tap dances holding on to her walker. She doesn't let anything keep her down, which is something I've always admired about her. The program today to honor veterans from Jackson County underscores the pride I already have in being an American. Hats off and heartfelt thanks to fallen soldiers who gave their lives defending our freedom.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day One Hundred Forty Eight 2011

Pink day lilies are my favorite eye candy in our yard right now. Neil planted them along a fence in what used to be a sunny part of the back yard and staked them because they grow pretty tall and they're heavy plants. Now they grow beneath a maple tree and the stakes have disappeared. So they're on the ground and reaching for some sunlight, but they managed to bloom as beautiful as ever again this year. They always look good enough to eat.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day One Hundred Forty Seven 2011

Random Picture Postcards From The Nashville Flea Market

This little cicada hitched a ride on the windshield wiper of the truck as we headed out for the flea market this morning. I was hoping he would fly away, but he just held on even after we hit the interstate. His wings started to blow backwards, and I could not bear the inevitable sight of the wind ripping his wings off. Neil pulled over, caught him and let him go on the side of the road.

You can always find a little mermaid or two at the flea market. Made me want to break out in a rendition of 'Under The Sea'.

This is a fan that only my airplane loving hubby could love.

Somebody's home movies? I wanted to ask the vendor what was on these reels of film, but he was so busy unloading his stuff, and he didn't seem like he cared to chat.

Give us a kiss. This was a cute display, and I wondered if the vendor placed them like this on purpose. Probably not.

Laundry day for great great grandma could not have been easy with this contraption! No wonder they had to iron all the time. Imagine the wrinkles after wringing out the clothes.

This made me laugh. I love monkey business at the flea market. Fun.

I coveted this fancy iron bed. The pigs not so much.

This here is a redneck wine glass. Only in the South, folks. Only in the South. Love it.

Every time I see firearms at the flea market, I always think of my brother in law Terry. For some strange reason.

A cauldron Harry Potter would love. I imagine it was once used to make lye soap.

I can't decide if this mannequin's hair is cute or if it just looks like a rat's nest.

The guy hiding behind that basket of oranges is mixing up some fresh orangeade for Neil. He wanted to try it instead of lemonade and found it very tasty.

My heart goes out to the poor bridesmaid who was forced to wear this dress, maybe in the seventies. Eighties? Maybe it belonged to Scarlett O'Hara.....Frankly, my dear.....

I think this guy was on his way to a toga party. Really. He was wearing a sheet.

The Nashville Flea Market is scheduled for the Tennessee State Fair Grounds through May of 2012. One vendor I talked to said it was looking good for the fairgrounds to stay put, which of course is good for the flea market. I hope it happens.

We arrived back home this afternoon in time to watch grandson Elijah play his last T Ball game for the season. The Muck Dogs won 18-17. I think the team came in third out of all the teams. Great season! Good job, Muck Dogs! Elijah is looking forward to their picnic at Hidden Hollow. They deserve it. Happy TGIF, everyone!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day One Hundred Forty Six 2011

Looking north on South Jefferson Avenue in Cookeville, Tennessee, this afternoon. I have the feeling that this is going to be one of those rainy summers here in the mid South. The storms just keep on coming, seemingly with no end in sight. I can't remember a wetter, stormier spring than the one we're having this year. My heart goes out to all those folks in flooded and tornado damaged areas. So I'll try not to complain too much about the weather here. But I'm longing for a few days of sunshine. You know. Like days in a row.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day One Hundred Forty Five 2011

I took a few minutes to enjoy the sunshine and mild breezes this afternoon. And I always enjoy the colorful view from my front porch swing. Old Glory was flying today.

It was also a great day for wind chimes. Daughter Kelly gave these to me for Mother's Day, and I finally got them on a hook. Love the music they make. I kept expecting the ice cream truck to roll down the street. Sweet!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day One Hundred Forty Four 2011

Looks like we'll have another bumper crop of mulberries. The tree is loaded with them, and they're already ripe and juicy, which means several weeks of purple bird poop on the windshield of the car and truck, not to mention the purple footprints tracking across the kitchen floor. The kids love to pick them and eat them (Elijah sampled one this afternoon) so I guess the temporary mess is all worthwhile. Click on the title of this post for a link to info about these berries. (Thanks, Ann!)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day One Hundred Forty Three 2011

I've been waiting two years for this sight. Public works people began paving my street this afternoon. They tore it up moving water meters off the sidewalks and into the yards, digging up huge holes in the street. The holes were patched, leaving us with an ugly, bumpy road, and sad to say, that's how most of the roads are in our hilly little town. Good things come to those who wait, the saying goes. Must be true. Woo Hoo!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day One Hundred Forty Two 2011

Got together with my coffeehouse peeps this afternoon at Poet's On The Square. We enjoyed some tasty drinks (too tasty in some cases) and shared some laughs and brought grand daughter Shelby to tears discussing our dearly departed beloved pets. We learned some important facts: never blow dry a hamster or overfeed a goldfish (unless you want it to explode). We never know where our conversations are going to take us. Always a good time here with this bunch. I especially needed the laughs. We'll do it again soon, I hope.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day One Hundred Forty 2011

Grandson Elijah says, "It's staring at me."

Cicadas are creepy little buggers with their red staring eyes. They have hatched in our yard, and they are all over everything.

They seemed to like the hostas this morning. This afternoon, they had all flown away, shrieking their mating call. I'll be glad when they be gone.


Wishing my brother in law, Don Foy, a very happy FIFTIETH birthday today!! We enjoyed his celebration tonight. Those burgers he grilled were awesome! Jane's Jell-O cake was to die for, especially topped off with Don's homemade whipped cream. YUM! Thanks again for having us over for eats and birthday festivities. Good times, great family! Here's to the next fifty, right, Don?