Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day One Hundred Twenty Two 2013

Neil and I got to enjoy a yummy meal at our favorite Thai food place, which finally reopened this week after being closed since the end of March.
We got to watch grandson Elijah play T Ball. (His team lost 30 ~ 18.)
We got to be with peeps ~ dugout daughter Holly and granddaughter Shelby and coach son in law Jerry.
We got to enjoy a beautiful sunset and spectacular cloud formations on the way home from the game. It was pouring rain from those dark clouds somewhere in town.
And we got to enjoy coming home to a clean front porch, which took the better part of this afternoon to scrub off  the dirt and pollen and tree seeds (which refuse to go away). So thankful to have had the energy to ‘getter done’ and very thankful for this life that God blesses me with each day. It’s all good. Hope you enjoyed a blessed Thursday.


Jane said...

What a lovely Thursday you had! Glad to see Ocha is back open, and you got your porch all clean. Thanks for sharing your day! :)

Ann S. said...

That Ocha food looks soooo good! Maybe we could meet there for lunch sometime? I love Shelby and Holly's tee shirts! Sorry Elijah's team lost. Your front porch looks so cozy. Glad you guys had a great Thursday!

Kelly said...

OCHAAAA!!! Can't wait to have some spicy chicken!! Wonder if Knox remembers those carrots. Bummer Elijah's team lost. Would like to see him play :) Knox needs an Elijah's cuz shirt.