Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day Two Hundred Thirty Four 2013

This is our second trip to Ralph’s Donut Shop this week [and it’s only Thursday].
Cheaper by the dozen. We like their new orange cream filled ~ so yummy!
Grandson Knox could hardly wait to bite into his chocolate covered cake doughnut.  He was done about four bites later. It’s not the quantity but the quality, you know.
Look who popped in to share a doughnut with us ~ niece Julia and niece Sarah [actually we knew they were coming over to visit and called them while we were at Ralph’s so they could put in their doughnut order].
Good times clowning around with peeps on a Thursday night!


Jane said...

Orange creme filled? YUM! Thanks for letting the girls share in the treats! :)

Kelly said...

It was a blast!!!! The orange crime filled IS da bomb!! Not too sweet, just right :). Loved talking about The Office, the show not a real office ;)