Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day Two Hundred Twenty Two 2013

This and That
Neil mowed the grass for the first time in I don’t know when today. He had to mow it high, then mowed it a second time to get it as short as possible before the next monsoon. It was slow going and took him forever. We have a mulching mower, but he gave up on that and finally just let it fly. Looks like a hay field right now. That robin probably thinks so, too.
We enjoyed another clear day. Hot and humid. Feels like August.
The blooms on my hydrangea bushes go from full color to faded, depending on how much sun we’ve had. These beautiful blooms are on one stalk~the only full color flowers on one of my bushes. So I cut it and brought it inside to enjoy.
It’s amazing what a dramatic effect lighting has in a photograph. Same flowers, different lighting.
Daughter Holly brought these to me a couple of weeks ago from her yard, and I’ve enjoyed them so much. But they’ve seen better days. I think they’re still kind of pretty even dried up. Neil wants to plant the seeds and see if we can grow some in our yard. I wouldn’t mind that at all.


Jane said...

Change the lighting, and you can have whatever color flower you want! :) I think the dried flowers look nice, too. I would love to have some in my yard. Was tempted to pick some out of a neighbor's yard as I was walking around the block the other day. :)

Ann S. said...

Beautiful hydrangeas. It's wild how the lighting changes the color of the flowers. I mowed yesterday for the first time in days. Our yard was like a jungle. I feel Neil's pain :0)

Kelly said...

I feel sorry for Kerry. He put in almost 40 hours of overtime this week. With his schedule and all the rain, our grass will be ten feet tall before its mowed. I'm close to hiring someone to do it.
Wacky that lighting makes such a big difference. Pretty flowers!