Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day Two Hundred Seventy Five 2013

“…I want to run the beach's length, because it never ends.”
~Deborah Ager

Sunshine was rare today. There is a developing tropical storm headed this way in the next day or two.
Blue and gray. Mostly gray today with rain. First day here that we didn’t sit on the beach at all.
We lazed around the pool instead and watched Knox splash.
Zero feet deep is perfect for him although he was fearless and waded out into the two and three feet part of the pool.
I think we found Nemo
He had more fun at the pool this morning than pint sized human beings should be allowed to have
This afternoon we spotted some dolphins feeding in the choppy waves ~ one of these days I’m going to see one jump up out of the water ~ Neil saw one the other day ~ I’m so jealous
We walked to a place on the beach called the Back Porch for supper [thanks for the pic, Kelly]
Neil was leaning out the window, watching the sun go down
The food here is most excellent
While we were eating we finally got to see some sunlight [thanks for the pic, Kelly]
We weren’t going to have dessert, but the server said they had Key Lime Pie and cheesecake ~ the Key Lime Pie was homemade but not the cheesecake, so Kelly and I decided to try their Key Lime Pie. The server also brought us a complimentary piece of cheesecake which was really nice. We all sampled the two, but the Key Lime Pie was the best ~ it tasted like Mom’s Lemon Ice Box Pie only made with key limes ~ heaven on a plate.
The sunset turned into something truly awesome after this gray rainy day [thanks again for the pic, Kelly~nice shot!] The stars are out tonight and there’s not much wind, but the waves are crazy fierce. Neil has been out there on the beach flying his night flyer RC plane. Tonight he came back in and said he couldn't get it to start ~ it landed in the water the other night and got some salt water in it which is not so good. Wonderful Wednesday at the beach even if you can't fly~


Ann S. said...

Sorry you guys got rained out! Hopefully the Myers will have good weather when they come down. They are coming Friday, right? Glad Knox has fun in the pool and that seafood and key lime pie looks delish. Hope you have better weather on Thursday.

Jane said...

That looks like a cool pool for little people! Fun stuff! I've seen that Back Porch restaurant - looks like a great place. I love eating at places with the nice ocean view. I hope that storm doesn't make it to hurricane status. NOAA website says the weather in Destin on Monday will be sunny & 84! :)