Friday, February 18, 2011

Day Forty Nine 2011

Grand Peeps Elijah and Shelby are jumping for joy because it's TGIF! Elijah and I swept off a bunch of dead leaves and limbs from the trampoline this afternoon, and he busted a few moves for the camera. Shelby did Jump Rope For Heart at school today. She's learned a lot of jumping routines, just like her mom did back in the day. She's really good at it! They are spending the weekend with us while their parents are out of town. Happy TGIF!
Wishing my son-in-law, Jerry, a very Happy 33rd Birthday today!! Love you!!


Jane said...

Fun day! (And to think we would have had Monday off if not for snow... oh, wait! We didn't get more snow!)
Have fun with the kiddos this weekend.

Ann said...

Have fun with the grand peeps this weekend! Cute pix! Elijah looks like he's sitting in mid-air :0) Hope Jerry had a happy birthday today!