Friday, December 14, 2012

Day Three Hundred Forty Nine 2012

Grandson Knox does not like balloons and keeps a safe distance when Grandpa tries to get him to see how much fun they really are.
Still skeptical about the balloon, Knox decides going near it is just not worth the risk. (This fear stems from his birthday a couple of weeks ago when one popped beside him and scared him half to death.) He’s been pretty good about the Christmas tree. He wants to touch, of course, but knows he’s not supposed to, so he’ll steer around it. Most of the time.


Jane said...

Balloons are just too fun. I hope Knox gets over his fear! :) Has he seen the elf yet?

Ann S. said...

Reminds me of Jane and her fear of feathers :0) Sweet pictures! That's good that he's steering around the Christmas tree. I'm sure that's a major temptation.

Kelly said...

Balloons seems to be his only fear so far. He's not into the elf. Maybe in a couple years or so. Cute pics!!