Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day Seventy Six 2013

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day. Neil and I stopped by our local pub [Poet’s On The Square Coffeehouse] and ordered up a brew or two. Couldn’t help notice this Post-It note on the counter. I said ‘really?’ The barista said some people let them know they don’t like it when the order takes too long to be filled. Wow. Some people, huh?
Actually, Neil and I weren’t celebrating St. Paddy’s Day or anything  else for that matter. We just wanted some frozen hot chocolate, or, in his case, frozen cookies and cream. We don’t need an excuse to have tasty frozen treats.
kiss me I'm Irish copy
I do have a bit of Irish in me [more like Scotch-Irish, as my dad would tell me] but I suppose everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Happy St. Paddy's Day, y'all!


Jane said...

Ha! Love your "kiss me, I'm Irish" photo! :) I forgot that we do have some Irish blood (Scotch-Irish, I should say!) It's a shame that they have to remind people to be nice. :(

Ann S. said...

Proud of my Scotch-Irish heritage! I guess dad's mom is where the Irish blood comes from. Love these pics and especially your kiss me I'm Irish shot :0) Would love to have some of that frozen hot chocolate!

Ann S. said...

PS It don't get anymore Irish than Flynn :0)