Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day Sixty Four 2013

Fed the birds. They should enjoy the seeds and peanut butter tomorrow when the weather is back to winter again.
Fed the humans. Homemade chili (although there was nothing chilly about it) was tasty comfort food on a cold, windy, wet winter’s night.


Ann S. said...

Homemade chili and Fritos = YUM! I'm guessing Knox missed out on the chili. I bet the birds are loving the peanut butter. Great protein for a cold day.

Jane said...

I had some chili tonight, too! The kids ate mac-n-cheese. Don's working in Livingston tonight. I know the birds appreciate the p-nut butter. I sure would! :) I love Knox's expression in that pic. So cute!

Kelly said...

Chili ruled!! Thanks for feeding us, Ma! Hey that's what Knox should start calling you... MAAAA!!!!

Ann S. said...

I agree with Kelly! Ma and Pa :)