Friday, May 3, 2013

Day One Hundred Twenty Three 2013

T  G  I  F
What better way to celebrate TGIF than to hit Cream City Ice Cream And Coffee Shop for a sweet frozen goody after school this afternoon. Granddaughter Shelby and grandson Elijah were happy about the whole idea. Neil, on the other hand, could be Grumpy Cat’s twin.
While they were deciding on their decadent treat …
… I already knew I wanted/needed/had to have a scoop of Cookie Dough [and this picture simply does not do the yumminess of it justice at all].
We got comfy in the back room. Elijah said this was his favorite chair and he wanted to take it home, but I’m sure the Cream City folks might frown on that. Friday never tasted so good!
Happy TGIF, y’all! Hope yours was most excellent.


Jane said...

Yummy goodness! Don bought me a quart of cookie dough ice cream today. I missed work & went to Dr. Staggs. Sinus infection! :( Neil does look like Grumpy Cat in that pic! What's up with that? How could anyone be grumpy going into an ice cream shop? :)

Ann S. said...

Jane, you stole my line about Neil and Grumpy Cat. That ice cream sure looks good. Jane, hope you are feeling better today!