Friday, June 28, 2013

Day One Hundred Seventy Nine 2013

We thought we might head to the swimming pool this afternoon, but the weather didn’t seem too promising for that, so granddaughter Shelby and grandson Elijah settled for playing Wii Sports~~ baseball, bowling and golf [both of them are learning to play real live golf]. They’re looking forward to spending the day at the lake tomorrow. That’s always fun for them and should more than make up for our lack of pool time today. Maybe next week, grandpeeps! Happy TGIF, y’all!
Wishing my big brother Ken a very happy 64th birthday today! Love you!!


Jane said...

I always hated to plan on swimming, then have the weather be sunny/cloudy/sunny. Looks like they had fun with the Wii, so that's good. :)

Kelly said...

They'll have to come check out Sports Com...they would love it!! Better than Echo Valley, and cheaper!

Ann S. said...

Next best thing to swimming :0) I bet they had great weather for the lake.