Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day Two Hundred Forty Three 2013

I was in organize mode today upstairs in the bedroom where grandson Knox plays when he’s visiting. Having grandkids is like your own kids never grew up and moved away from home. Knox obviously has a great time playing in here.
Neatness counts. But it doesn’t last. And that’s OK. The most fun can be had in making the mess.
Neil spent part of his afternoon cleaning out the debris in our 1920s basement. He always finds interesting stuff down there ~ leftovers from a bygone era ~ like this strip of linoleum that used to cover the kitchen floor, maybe back in the thirties. He also found an old rusty ax.
It seemed like a good night to make a pot of chili, maybe because it’s Football Time In Tennessee! Go Big Orange! They trampled all over Austin Peay ~ 45 to ZIP. Not surprising, but we’ll see what happens when UT plays a real team.  Hope your Saturday was a winner! [So long, August, we hardly knew ya.]


Jane said...

Looks like a good day at the Ranft house. I would be scared to go in the basement if I were Neil! What else is lurking down there? Glad the Vols got a good win today. Hoping we can win some big games this year.

Ann S. said...

Seeing that pot of chili makes me want some. Don't see how Neil goes in that creepy crawl space! Hope he doesn't run into any creepy crawlers in there.