Friday, July 27, 2012

Day Two Hundred Nine 2012

"Every leaf on every tree
And every drop of water in the sea
Every grain of weathered sand
That smashes itself onto dry land
Every stone and every petal, everything that's elemental
You are never gone."
~Jann Arden
Happy Anniversary to my sister Jane and her hubby Don, who were married 27 years ago today!! Wishing you all the best of everything today and always!


Jane said...

Love this shot! Cool! Thanks for the anniversary shout out! We went to the Foglight Foodhouse in Walling (near Rock Island) Awesome meal!

Ann S. said...

Beautiful shot and quote! Happy Anniversary Jane and Don! Glad you guys got to do something special for your special day :0)

Kay R. said...

I read about that restaurant in the paper. So glad you all got to celebrate your anniversary in a special way :)