Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day Fifty Four 2013

Saturday  Saturday Ever Lovin Saturday!
Neil and I began a busy Saturday this morning watching grandson Elijah’s last Vision Basketball game of the season.
Lots of action from one end of the court to the other. Elijah scored several points. His blue team lost to the orange team by 4 points.
We’ve loved watching him play basketball each Saturday for the past two months because the game is action packed and he has enjoyed playing it so much. Great job, Elijah and team blue! We’re proud of you!
After the game, Neil and I headed to the Nashville Flea Market. We usually avoid the Saturday market because it’s wall to wall people. This bell jar stuffed with grapes caught my eye. It was kind of pretty and a little strange. But that’s what the flea market is all about.
Hints of spring all around. Metal sunflower garden ornaments were sprouting at this vendor’s stall. Sunflowers are happy things~~real or otherwise~~and always make me smile.
A basket of colorful bowling balls and pins. They looked plastic, but were the real deal.
This one’s for Sarah.
R is for …
This lady was begging me to take her picture. She just didn’t know it. Shame on me. But her hat was killing me. I followed her around for a while. She fit right in here.
This was something from a bygone era offered in a comic vendor’s stall. Check out that price tag.
Every time I see bunnies, I think of my sister Ann.
It’s a little early for Halloween, but there ya go.
I have no idea what these things are or what they’re for but they kind of creep me out.
Guess what movie this horse head (lamp) made me think of. I wonder if anybody made this vendor an offer he couldn’t refuse. (That was a hint)
I go to pieces, sang Peter and Gordon. Remember them? And Patsy Cline sang I fall to pieces. I wonder what happened to this poor doll. Maybe she was loved to pieces.
I really wanted to buy this.
Such good advice.
After the flea market, Neil and I were headed to daughter Kelly’s, but when we called, she and Knox were going down for a much needed nap. So we detoured into the Super Target in Smyrna and enjoyed a skinny vanilla latte while we rested our tired feet. Then we browsed Target. What a cool store. Wish we had one here.
Hi. I’m Knox. I just woke up from a two+ hour nap.
Grandpa and Granny brought him a SnugAMonkey from Target. It’s soft and cuddly and plays soft bedtime sounds and music. He loved it. And the box it came in. He calls Neil ‘Pa’. He hasn’t learned how to say Granny yet, although he does pronounce it something like ‘Ninny’ which is what I called my maternal grandmother.
We hit ‘Toots’ for supper and enjoyed their yummy boneless chicken fingers and gigantic onion rings. We used to have a ‘Toots’, but not any more, so it’s a treat to eat here when we visit Kelly.
The monkey enjoyed it, too.
Bath time! Splash time!
Dancing in my new jammies time!
This picture cracks me up. It was not posed and totally accidental~~grandson Knox and his daddy Kerry playing with blue balls. They even have the same facial expression. How cute is that. So we began and ended our ever lovin Saturday with balls. More fun than human beings should be allowed to have, especially in one day. It’s always an awesome day when I get to spend it with my peeps!


Ann S. said...

Wow! You guys had a full day on Saturday! I love each and every one of these pictures. I always love your flea market pics. They make me feel like I'm right there. Would really love to have one of those sunflower garden ornaments! The pic of Knox and Kerry cracks me up :0) Glad you guys had fun!

Jane said...

Wonderful pics!! I love how Elijah seems more intent in these pics than in the ones from his first game. Hope he plays next year. What a fun day you had! And the pic of Knox & Kerry - priceless!! :)

Kelly said...

All great!!! But my fave of course is Knox and Kerry. That's one for the books. Glad you had a fun filled day! Glad we were a part of it! Thanks for the nap time :)