Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day Sixty One 2013

Ever Lovin Saturday
We’ve had some snow here, starting this past Thursday.
It started coming down again late last night.
We got maybe an inch. Maybe.
Really pretty. We don’t get big snows any more. I miss those. But we’ll take what we can get.
A bird in hand is worth four in the bush. Inflation, you know. I think these are waiting their turn at the feeders.
Since daughter Kelly and grandson Knox are visiting this weekend, Neil made yummy blueberry waffles for (a late) breakfast.
His blueberry waffles are the best. Did I say they are yummy? They are.
Grandson Knox didn’t care for any waffles. He just wanted to take his socks off.
We went to Starbucks for some coffee (what else?), squeezed in at a little table by the window, all cozied up next to about ten other people, and watched it snow. There’s something about Starbucks that just makes you want to kick back.
And fall asleep in Grandpa’s lap. Not even the aroma of caffeine could keep him awake at this point.
The proverbial blanket of snow, sliding off the hood of the car into fluffy white folds. It snowed again tonight and replaced all that was lost with a fresh blanket.
Neil finally got to celebrate his birthday this evening. He turned 62 on February 28, but due to other stuff happening in the family, we postponed the party until a more opportune moment which turned out to be tonight.
Happy Birthday, honey/hubby Neil! We enjoyed cake and ice cream and punch and a whole lot of chatter and laughter, as always when our family gets together. (Not that there’s always cake and ice cream and punch but that would be nice.)
And Neil enjoyed lots of cool cards and great gifts, which as you can see, he gave a thumbs up. Fun party. Worth the wait. Let’s do it all over again next year.
Happy Saturday, everyone!


Ann S. said...

Great shots one and all! I'm glad that Neil finally got to celebrate his birthday! It snowed here late day yesterday an a little last night.

Jane said...

Fun Saturday pics! Those waffles look great! I love the pic of Knox in his high chair. Cracks me up!

Kelly said...

Did all of this happen in one day?!? LOL! Twas a good day!!