Monday, March 4, 2013

Day Sixty Three 2013

spring break!
It’s spring break for grand daughter Shelby and grandson Elijah. They spent the weekend with us, and they hung out with us today. iPad mini rules! Shelby has become addicted to Pinterest thanks to Aunt Kelly.
The Grandpeeps Knox, Shelby, and Elijah.
The snow melted in this fifty degree weather today ~ a good day to bounce on the trampoline. Superman had major static hair going on.
Sometimes when you’re small, you get bowled over by the big red ball while playing with cousins on the trampoline.
Downward Facing Dawg. Don’t you love Shelby’s hot pink knee socks?
We never get too old for bubbles. Shelby wanted to try out my ‘big’ camera and got some nice shots …
… like this one …
… and this one ~ a perfect bubble ~ and you can see Shelby’s reflection in the bubble ~ very cool shot, Shelby!
And she snapped some nice ones of cousin Knox … like this one …
… and this one. She loves photography and has a good eye.
They got in some jumping when Knox wasn’t on the trampoline.
Good times Monday! I hope the kids (and teachers) have more spring weather during the break. Today felt so good. I haven’t missed the snow now that it’s gone.


Jane said...

Great pictures! Shelby does have a good eye for photography! Looks like a fun Monday for you guys. I washed sheets, mopped & swept, and got a hair cut. Wooo! :)

Ann S. said...

Shelby is becoming quite the photographer! Great shots! Looks like a fun day. Love those hot pink socks! How is Holly doing? Better, I hope.

kayranft said...

Holly went to work today, but she still feels puny.

Kelly said...

Wish I could have joined y'all outside. I could tell through the window that it was a fun time. I know Knox enjoyed it. Great pics! Love the bubble shot. I never would have noticed Shelby's reflection . How cool!