Monday, April 9, 2012

Day One Hundred 2012

I searched for my lost shaker of salt, as Jimmy Buffett sings, but I couldn't find it anywhere. On Easter Sunday, my family gathered in the back yard and ate hard boiled eggs, passing around the shaker of salt. It never made it back to the kitchen, so this morning I searched all over the back yard and all around the swing where we were gathered, and I never could find it. This afternoon, I was sitting on the swing with grandson Knox, watching my two other grandpeeps Shelby and Elijah throw a Frisbee. I looked down and there it sat--my lost shaker of salt--on the swing where someone set it after all the hard boiled eggs were gone. As we say in the South, if it had been a snake, it would have bit me. Can you find the lost shaker of salt?


Ann said...

Glad you found that lost shaker of salt :0) The best part of Easter is chowing down on hard boiled eggs. Glad you got to spend an extra day with Knox.

Jane said...

Yep, I see that lost shaker of salt! How funny! I think Knox just needs to move to Cookeville. :)

Eddie Johnson said...

I see it. Happy late Easter.