Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day One Hundred Five 2012

Neil and I visited daughter Kelly and grandson Knox today. Knox says "Hi!"
After lunch, we stopped by Stones River Battlefield (which is in Murfreesboro, Tennessee). A Civil War reenactment group was demonstrating the steps the soldiers went through to load and fire their cannons.
They should have warned us to cover our ears before they fired the cannon. Boom!
Grandson Knox was all happy on his grandpa's lap in his cap and shades, enjoying the sunshine. Then they fired the cannon. The loud boom scared Knox (and all of us) half to death. He cried for ten minutes, maybe more, after that. Poor kid.
Joe Cool. Before the cannon went off.
Granny and Grandpa and Knox.
As far as the eye can see....Across the street from the battlefield is the cemetery where thousands of Union soldiers are buried.
Long may she wave!
Back at the house, it's supper time for Knox. He is digging the rice cereal now.

Rice rice baby! We had a great time today. Knox was worn out and finally went to sleep (hopefully for the night!) Good times, great memories!


Jane said...

Cute pics of Knox! :) Looks like a fun day. I can only imagine how he freaked when that cannon went off! Poor little fellow!

Kay R. said...

Kelly and I were discussing how you spell 'cannon' which I misspelled all throughout this post. I corrected it :) your comment reminded me to do that, thanks, Jane!

Jane said...

I never noticed! Glad I could help! :) Knox is already on rice cereal? Next, steaks!! :)

Ann said...

Precious pictures! Sorry that mean old cannon scared him :( Stones River looks like a cool place. Me and T need to take a trip down there soon.

Kelly said...

What a great day!!! Until the canNon blew :o( Great shots!!!