Friday, February 1, 2013

Day Thirty Two 2013

TGIF  Randomness
Snow came late last night.
We got an inch, maybe less, but it was nice to finally see some accumulation here.
It was a gorgeous sunny blue sky day. The temperature never reached thirty so that sun sure felt good.
Snow face.
These little finches are always all over our feeders, no matter what the weather.
I love it when I manage to capture them in flight.
Today was a snow day for the school kids (a real snow day!). Grandpeeps Elijah and Shelby came to hang out with us, and grandson Knox and his mommy Kelly are here for a visit, too.
We enjoyed a yummy lunch at Ocha deli, our fave Thai food place.
Carrots. And…broccoli? Knox loves carrots. Today he bravely tried the dreaded broccoli and seemed to like it.
My sweet niece Sarah stopped by the house to leave a book for Shelby as she was finishing up her student driving today and then stopped by again looking for her lost cell phone. She indulged her aunt Kay and let me take her picture with the Student Driver car (her instructor is in there somewhere). She’s an excellent driver (already has her license). And she did eventually find her cell phone.
Icicle curving around the gutter
Daughter Kelly brought Krispy Kremes!!
The icicles were beautiful today. The sun was creating starbursts (sunbursts?) off the ice.
One of my fave things after a snow—can’t get enough of icicles.
Impromptu peeps gathering at Poet’s On The Square coffeehouse late this afternoon. From left: sister Jane, daughter Kelly, grandson Elijah, hubby Neil, brother in law Don, granddaughter Shelby and grandson Knox. We enjoyed some tasty drinks, hot and frozen, and lots of laughs. Niece Sarah joined us later. And, hey, niece Julia, we missed you!
I made spaghetti sauce this morning (my dad’s awesome recipe) and we enjoyed a spaghetti supper~~ winter’s night comfort food. Knox says, Happy TGIF, everyone! Hope yours was spectacular, also.


Ann S. said...

Great pictures one and all! Knox has grown so much since I saw him at Christmas. Looking forward to seeing him and Kelly this weekend. I wanted to go out last night and get some snow pics, but I was already in my pjs and it was so cold outside. Definitely next time! BTW, the spaghetti looks so good!

Jane said...

Love the random Friday pics! Sarah's pic cracks me up! :) Thanks for inviting us to Poet's. I'm surprised Don came when I asked him. The spaghetti does look yummy!

Ann S. said...

I was looking at your pictures again and Knox is a little Kelly clone in that last shot!

Jane said...

He does look like Kelly a lot in that pic! He's a good combo of Kelly & Kerry. :)

Kelly said...

Random Fridays rule!!!