Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day Two Hundred Ninety Two 2013

It’s been a long time since this bunch of Tennessee Volunteer football fans [also known as my family] has come together on game day to watch a Big Orange football game. We used to do it every game every Saturday during the UT season, taking turns meeting at each other’s house, especially when the Vols were ranked in the top five college teams in the country. But I guess as our team dropped out of the ranks over the years, we gave up the get togethers and found other things to do on a Saturday during football season. We kept saying we need to get together again for a game, but we never did. Well, until today. My sister Ann and her hubs Terry decided this game ~ UT Vols against the South Carolina Gamecocks ~ would be a good one to come together and watch. The Vols have had their coaching problems lately, but this team and the new coach have shown promise this season. UT, unranked, lost to number six [at the time] Georgia by only a field goal in overtime two weeks ago. So never say never. We put on our Big Orange shirts and gathered at Ann and T’s house for great food [ribs, Ann’s homemade potato salad, T’s homemade baked beans, and Shelby’s homemade brownies, all so very yummy] and watched some SEC football.
We dug in to all that great food at half time ~ the Vols were leading.
You can probably tell by the smiles on our faces [well, except for maybe Ken and Knox] that the UT Volunteers were victorious over the Gamecocks ~ unranked UT beat eleventh ranked South Carolina 23 ~ 21. What a great game! Well played, Vols! So happy for the UT coach and the Big Orange team and of course Tennessee football fans, who are always pleased to hand Steve Spurrier a loss no matter who he’s coaching. Thanks for hosting the game, Ann and Terry! Good times!
Our happy group shot: from left back row: brother in law Terry, sister Ann, sister Jane [who ran her first half marathon this morning in a little over three hours! woo hoo! way to go, Jane!], nephew Alex, hubs Neil, grandson Knox, niece Sarah, niece Julia, daughter Kelly and moi.  Front row, from left: brother Ken, daughter Holly, granddaughter Shelby, and grandson Elijah. Always grateful for my family and the times we can spend together.


Ann S. said...

I'm so happy that we could all share UT's win together today! It was like it was meant to be. Happy that everyone enjoyed the food and we are glad you guys came! I have missed getting together for games. The Fish Fry brings a smile to my face. One of those cool random moments. Love you all and glad that we could be together today! Great pics by the way. Love them all!

Jane said...

Thanks for hosting, Ann! The food was awesome! Don said those were the best ribs he's had in a long time. Wish I could have been there for the whole thing, but I got to see the best part - actually, the best part was being together!

Kelly said...

Lets do it again!! FISH FRY!!

Jane said...

I was looking at these pics again and freaked at the first pic - I thought that was Rob on the left for half a second!

kayranft said...

I know what you mean, Jane. I think Alex looks a lot like his dad in that picture ~ they have the same smile.