Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day Three Hundred Forty Four 2013

“Snow day” today. Ice day, actually. Kids out of school. They hung out with me. I didn’t think I was ever going to get the ice off my car so I could go to my dentist appointment which was a little after noon. Neil came and took the kiddos to lunch. I survived the dentist, thank God. [Thought I might have to endure getting a new crown, but I can keep the one I have. Yay!] Joined the lunch bunch at Ocha. After that, the grandpeeps and I landed at Ralph’s Donut Shop where they not only have donuts, but also yummy Christmas cookies. Yay! Nice way to top off an icy day.


Jane said...

So glad to hear your dentist appt. went well - no new crown! :) Those Christmas cookies look sooo good! Julia & I stayed in today. Sarah went to Poet's to study for finals. Was glad to have a day off!!

Kelly said...

Snow days rule. Dentist appointments do not. Good to hear you made it through! Those Christmas cookies look yum!! I'll have to partake when we return :)

Ann S. said...

First of all I'm glad you survived the dentist and don't have to endure getting a new crown. Second, I could mow down on those Christmas cookies. Sounded like a fun snow day, except for the dentist appt.