Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day One Hundred Fifty Two 2012

Since my mom passed away a month ago, our family lunch bunch had to find a new venue if we were to continue the weekly tradition. Sister Ann suggested Dogwood Park for our rowdy group, so we gathered there today where the picnic tables are near the pavilion (a stage where local talent performs concerts and plays during the summer months). We enjoyed eating lunch and hanging out together and the forecasted storms stayed far to the west of us. I didn't realize until I was looking at this picture just now that I took it too soon because the rest of the gang had not shown up yet--nephew Chris and his kids Ashley and Ethan. Sorry about that! Left to right are daughter Holly, brother Ken, sister Ann, sister Jane and hubby Neil, all at the picnic table. On the quilt are grandson Elijah, niece Sarah, niece Julia, and grand daughter Shelby. We plan to continue our lunch bunch tradition. Dogwood Park is the perfect place for now. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day One Hundred Fifty 2012

Enjoyed one last lunch with my peeps before everyone packed up and headed for home after the Memorial Day weekend. Ocha Thai food deli is so totally yummy!
I suggested doughnuts from Ralph’s, but the grandpeeps wanted ice cream from Cream City. Grandson Elijah’s fave flavor is called Superman, which is actually rainbow colored vanilla ice cream. He also tried a scoop of cookie dough. I love his Superman-blue mustache.
Grandson Knox didn’t get any ice cream, but I don’t think he cared too much. He was ready for a nap.
Grand daughter Shelby and daughter Kelly: self-portrait taken by Kelly. I had a great time with my family this past weekend. The house is way too quiet right now. How it all flies by!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Day One Hundred Forty Nine 2012

We enjoyed a low key Memorial Day, swinging on the front porch and then watching the fountain at Dogwood Park this afternoon. The sound of the water lulled grandson Knox right to sleep. A nice lady offered to take our picture.
Happy Memorial Day, America! A heartfelt Thank You! to all those who served this country in the armed forces and gave their lives so that we can live in freedom.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day One Hundred Forty Eight 2012

We enjoyed a Memorial Day Weekend marshmallow and hot dog roast in our back yard this evening. Son in law Jerry and hubby Neil are ready to roast.
With record temperatures this weekend, it wasn’t the best conditions for a camp fire, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time and stuffing ourselves with roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.
Here is son in law Jerry’s perfect S’more. His secret is letting the chocolate melt beside the fire while he roasts his marshmallows. Talk about yummy! This picture doesn’t do it justice because of the shadows on the plate. I didn’t take many pics tonight because the ones I did take turned out totally blurry. We had a most excellent time!  Happy Memorial Day Weekend, America!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day One Hundred Forty Seven 2012

It’s that time of year again—sweet corn! Found some yummy ears at Kroger this afternoon. Wish I’d bought more.
Also bought some Salmon for two. This was farm grown Atlantic Salmon for $4.99 a pound. The lady in front of me at the seafood counter bought the wild Alaskan Salmon for $14.99 a pound. I’ll bet mine tasted every bit as good as hers did.
We bought these Fiesta plates at the Nashville Flea Market yesterday. It was the only thing I bought. I love that they’re square, and I love the colors of Fiesta ware. I told Neil that some grilled Salmon would taste great on these plates. And some fresh corn on the cob.
And it did! Neil grilled some of the best Salmon I’ve ever eaten. And the corn was sweet and juicy. Are you hungry yet?
This is me, enjoying my scrumptious meal.
Juicy red sweet seedless watermelon for dessert! It is officially summertime!
We drove over to Dogwood Park to see what that awesome fountain looks like at night. It is lit up with ever-changing colors—red, yellow, purple, blue, green, gold. Really beautiful. Lots of people there, splashing in the water, even at 9:30 pm.

Neil and I plan to hang out here as often as possible.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Day One Hundred Forty Six 2012

A Day At The Nashville Flea Market
It was so hot today at the Nashville Flea Market, all this silverware could have melted and you would have had enough to build a small car. Actually, this vendor was lucky to be in an air conditioned building.
I love old shoes. These were baby shoes. No pesky laces to tie.
It seems an entire American Indian tribe was for sale. I remember they used to sell dolls like these in Cherokee, North Carolina, back in the day when I was growing up near the Smoky Mountains.
I like top hats. It would be fun to wear one.
Calla lilies for sale. These were an awesome dark pink that a picture just doesn’t do justice.
Lots of garden stuff for sale and slowly withering in the heat. You can find a good variety of flowers, bushes and trees here. If you’re in the market for growing things.
This produce was yummy looking, especially the peaches, but my peach-loving hubby Neil walked on by. Go figure. He probably just didn’t want to carry them around.
This vendor had one of the most colorful booths I’ve ever seen. The painted furniture looks good enough to eat.
Ninety nine dollars? Really? For this cement bunny garden ornament with a broken left ear? Really?
Wonder if anybody ever bought that big ole Buddha head? This booth always has interesting stuff. They’ll tell you it’s from Romania or some such. Whatever, dude.
It was apparently top hat day at the flea market. Wonder where this one has been, and whose head did he sit on…..
See? Top hat day. Even Paul and Linda were stylin.
Hubby Neil checking out the cuff links. He loves them. Sometimes he buys them. But not today. No peaches. No cuff links.
Smells like teen spirit from the fifties. Let’s do the twist. I think the cases had 45’s in them but I didn’t look.
Lady Liberty, probably melting in the sun. I know I was.
Election year campaign buttons
Skeleton keys galore…and skate keys….and clock keys…..I’m always attracted to these.
Guess I’ll always have a love affair with typewriters, especially the really old ones.
Some long ago little girl’s well-loved baby dolls.
Gratuitous self-portrait of me melting in the heat at the flea market.
Need a hand?
I told Neil that this elephant looked like he was doing the Fig Newton dance.
We found the sea of green…but no yellow submarines.
Sold to some frog collector perhaps.
This was the cutest little bear! He didn’t have a steel rod sticking through his furry skull, honest.
In honor of Memorial Day weekend, vintage American flags for sale.
Look who we went to see after the flea market! Grandson Knox had just woke up from his nap.
Bath time, splash time!
Nighty night time! Loved seeing my peeps—daughter Kelly, son in law Kerry and grandson Knox! Thanks for feeding us! Love you guys and hope to see you again soon!!
Happy TGIF, y'all!