Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day One Hundred Eighty Six 2011

Into the woods. It's so nice to know that kids today, big and small, can still be entertained by the simple things--such as swinging like monkeys on a sturdy vine hanging from a tall tree discovered on a family walk on the fourth of July. Grandson Elijah was anxious to go back there today and have at it again. Son in law Kerry and niece Julia had a blast swinging on it, too. Plus, there was some fierce competition playing corn hole in the back yard. It was a fun afternoon hanging with peeps, and for a little while, the Mario Brothers were no where in sight.


Jane said...

Wish we had gotten Elijah's miraculous swinging on video! :) Thanks for letting me be a part of this fun day! And thank Neil again for Ocha!

Kelly said...

Such a fun day!!!!! Loved every minute! I'll never forget Elijah's miraculous vine swing but I do wish we had it on film :o) Glad the Foy's got hang with us! Now I'm craving Ocha again ... hmmm!

Ann said...

Good clean fun is what that is! I knew Elijah would be wanting to go back and swing on that vine :0)