Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day One Hundred Ninety Three 2011

Our gutters couldn't handle the torrential rain around lunch time today. What a downpour! Lots of flash flooding, lightning and thunder. Power went off for about thirty minutes. Just a good old fashioned summer time thunder storm. Lots of drowned rats out there, I'm sure. On the bright side, the plants got a good soaking, so I don't have to water them. That's always a plus.


Jane said...

I'm all for the rain, but the timing was really bad! :)

Ann said...

Man, did it ever come down today! I was surprised when I got home and found that we hardly got any rain at all :( Terry ended up having to water the garden and flowers. Glad everyone got home safely this afternoon. I enjoyed our time together today.

Kelly said...

Gees!!! Kerry saw the radar and mentioned y'all were probably getting some rain. Boy, did you ever! Glad it cooled things down. We could use some of that. Bet the plants were loving it :o)