Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day One Hundred Thirty One 2012

The birds have discovered the mulberries, which make for a very colorful mess (literally) on the windshield of my car.
The baby birds have flown the nest and are everywhere. They, too, know a good mulberry when they see one.
Beautiful pink lilies basking in the sunshine
What an awesome day! Felt a bit like fall which is always OK with me.
And last but never least, Grandson Elijah played T Ball this evening. His team, the Diamondbacks, got beat by the Reds 17~11. They played well, though, and Elijah did some great fielding. They turned an eleven point lead into a six point lead. Not too shabby.


Ann said...

Cute baby birds! What kind of bird is that? They look like baby Mockingbirds. Our yard has been full of baby Robins. So far so good, the cats haven't spotted any of them yet. Sorry Elijah's team lost :( They'll get 'em next time!

Kelly said...

Sweet birdies...I bet they sleep well at night with their mulberry full bellies.
Elijah looks so cute in his uniform. Can't win em all :o(

Jane said...

Nice pics! We've got some blue birds in one of our boxes that usually have wrens in it. Gotta lose every once in awhile...makes winning that much sweeter! Go Diamondbacks! :)

Kay R. said...

Those baby birds must be mockingbirds. I think I saw their parents perched on one of the deck chairs--probably checking up on the kids :)