Friday, January 11, 2013

Day Eleven 2013

There is blue sky under all those clouds. These were puffy and awesome.
Neil took half a day off  just because. After school, we pigged out on Mae Pearl’s Frozen Yogurt with the grand peeps, Shelby and Elijah. This, too, was awesome, as was the sunshine and the 70 degrees shining in our faces.
I spotted neighbor kitty Lily out my window perched on the front porch rail. She had her eye on something. She’s been a regular killing machine here lately.
Shelby felt like jumping on the trampoline, even after eating all that frozen yogurt. Doing this would have made me hurl. Elijah grabbed some Skittles, even after eating all that frozen yogurt. This, too, would have made me hurl.
The once and future buttercups/daffodils/jonquils are shouting, “It’s Spring!” I guess Mother Nature can fool herself. I’ve heard talk of a “wintry mix” coming at us sometime next week.
Red potatoes on the chopping block, destined to be coated in olive oil, salt, pepper, parsley flakes and doomed to death by hot oven, along with some baby carrots. Totally yummy with roast beast.
And a Happy TGIF to one and all!


Ann S. said...

Wasn't it an absolutely gorgeous day? Looks like you guys took advantage of it. Yes I definitely would have blown groceries bouncing on the trampoline after eating yogurt and skittles :) The roasted red potatoes and roast sound yummy! That is one of my fave meals!

Jane said...

I love these fun Friday pictures! Glad you all got to enjoy the day together! (for some reason, I cannot reply to blogs from my iPad! I've tried a couple of times)

Kelly said...

Beatious day!!! Knox and I took a neighborhood stroll on his trike. He likes to stand up and sit down, up and down :). Looks like y'all had fun too!!