Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day Sixteen 2013

Wednesdays are like Mondays in the middle of the week. ~Lee Fox Williams
Another soggy day. Snow in the forecast for Thursday—1 to 4 inches.
Neighbor kitty Lily wants inside our house but settles for the cushion on the wicker rocker by the front door.
Sky, road, truck. Can you say gray?
Dropping off and picking up hubby today. Our (old) car is in the shop again, needing a new (expensive) compressor. I told Neil by the time we have all the parts replaced, we’ll have a new car.
Wednesday is ‘senior’ day at Fazoli’s, and we are happy to qualify (55+) so we can get this yummy meal (drink included) for $2.99. You can also choose pasta Alfredo (heart attack on a plate). Fazoli’s is the only spaghetti sauce I like besides my dad’s recipe. We ended up eating supper right after Neil got off work at 4:30. I think this completes our geezer-hood.
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No such thing, ever, as a ‘speedy checkout’ at Wal-Mart, especially when everybody is there buying milk and bread for the impending blizzard. We wouldn’t have been in here at all if I hadn’t been out of my allergy med, and Neil figured he’d buy some ammo for his dad’s old rifle or shotgun, I forget which. (He says the bullets are called ‘shorts’ and did manage to get a couple boxes.) Why am I telling you this? I have no idea. Happy hump day!


Ann S. said...

I'm glad Neil found him some ammo. Terry leaves for work earlier every morning and stops by Wal Mart in Lebanon looking for that ever elusive 223 ammo. Hopefully things will settle down soon on that front. Sorry to hear your car is in the shop again. It's a pain having only one vehicle. That Fazoli's spaghetti looks yummy. Funny thing I was going to see if you guys wanted to do lunch tomorrow. Now with the winter weather in the forecast I'm glad we didn't plan on it. I bet Wal Mart was a zoo with everyone stocking up on milk and bread :0)

Jane said...

I'm glad I have my milk & bread ready for this alleged snow! Great pics of this gray day. Getting a $2.99 meal from Fazoli's is worth getting old! That place has gotten expensive. Hope you get your car back soon. I don't feel like I have a car now that Sarah is driving! :)

Jane said...

ps - love that quote! so true!

Kelly said...

Better get your ammo while you can! Kerry went all the way to Walmart, shopped, then realized he left his wallet at home. Smart! Oh well, we've got plenty of milk here. I think Knox is milk intolerant. Today we fed him straight formula instead of half and half and he's yet to wake up. Must have been gas all this time! Or just one of those random sleep most of the night kinda nights. I better shut my mouth...he can hear my thoughts! Might be time for a newer car. I'll win the lottery and pay back all the money you've given us :) Hope everyone gets to sleep in....think of me when you roll over around 7 am.