Monday, April 1, 2013

Day Ninety One 2013

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” - Confucius
The weather on Monday sure made up for the weather on Sunday. Even though the wind was cool, the sun was warm and the sky was blue. A perfect day for a walk. Or in the case of grandson Knox, a run.
He found a nice place to plop down and hang out and commune with nature.
What a glorious day! Give God the glory.
Picking flowers in the back yard
And doing a little spring cleaning. He LOVES brooms.
Granny’s violet. Thank you, Knox.
Knox was happy when his cousin Elijah got home from school.
Grandson Elijah is an award-winning guy. I’m so proud of him.
Grand daughter Shelby and her mom stopped at the store after school and bought a big blue ball for Knox to play with. I think Shelby got the biggest kick out of it.
We enjoyed a great supper at Cracker Barrel to close out our afternoon together. Waiting for food can be fun when you’ve got electronics to keep you busy. Good times. Good Monday.


Ann S. said...

Congrats to Elijah on his award! He's a great kid and we're proud of him. Looks like Knox enjoyed being outside today. Looking forward to seeing him and Kelly tomorrow when we all have lunch together. It was a beautiful day today! Sure enjoyed the sunshine.

Jane said...

Loved this sunny day! (Should've put off the egg hunt until today) :) Good job, Elijah! Glad he is respectful. I know Knox was ready to run outside. Nice pictures.

Kelly said...

He had a swell time running about!