Monday, July 8, 2013

Day One Hundred Eighty Nine 2013

We ended up at CiCi’s Pizza today for lunch. The kids, big and small, were attracted to the game room where  Kelly and Shelby sparred in a game of air hockey.
Elijah drove a race car ~ mostly on the side of the road. No seat belt.
And ~ uh oh! ~ Knox spied …
… Elmo buried in that impossible quest where you drop the claw on top of the toy you want and pray that it latches on so you can pull it out of the pile. Grandpa knew this particular quest would bear no fruit ~ Elmo ~ so he didn’t even try. Walked away. Left Elmo buried. Uh oh.
Shelby found a game ~ with a similar claw ~ that scooped up candy and cheap plastic toys. Not as difficult as that other game.
They scooped out all sorts of goodies.
The name of the game!
But, alas, Elmo got left behind, buried in the machine, and there was no consoling Knox, who cried big tears, and wailed for Elmo all the way home. We’ve never seen him so distraught. But time heals all wounds. He soon forgot his heartbreak and finally moved on with his life, thank goodness. School of hard knocks [Knox?]. Lesson learned. You don’t always get what you want. It must be Monday or something.


Jane said...

CiCi's sounds good! Haven't been there in a while. Poor Knox! Life's like that - sometimes the treasure has to stay buried! :) Looks like fun, until Grandpa wouldn't spend a fortune trying to get Elmo! tee hee!

Ann S. said...

Poor little fella! Elmo stuck out like a sore thumb inside that machine. Too bad he was buried so deep in the pile of toys. I also see Stewie from Family Guy in there as well.