Monday, July 29, 2013

Day Two Hundred Ten 2013

Miscellaneous Monday
Lunch in the gazebo at Dogwood Park with my honey/hubby Neil ~ those cool breezes felt like fall ~ noisy there today ~ they were cutting down a huge dead tree by the picnic tables near the stage
Down my street ~ the weather today was perfection
Seedless black grapes ~ yummy but kind of dry ~ thinking about using them in some chicken salad with some apples
My Geraniums have had a tough time blooming this summer ~ they like heat and sun ~ a rare commodity this July ~ very unusual
Creepy crawly on my backyard garden flag [garden?]
Sunset in the Kroger parking lot ~ Neil was pumping gas into my grannymobile  [dirty windshield ~ must get car wash]  Neil was aggravated at the guy in the car next to us because the guy’s wife/girlfriend/whatever was out there pumping the gas while he waited in the driver’s seat ~ I thanked him for pumping gas into the car I drive every day ~ and  for still being so chivalrous [he still opens my car door for me almost all the time] Monday wasn’t so bad, was it?

There are no miracles on Mondays.
~Amy Neftzger

[I say it depends on your definition of miracle ~ just saying]


Jane said...

Would love to have been at Dogwood Park today, except for the noise of the tree being cut down! :) Did go walk at Cane Creek with friends after work. It was nice! Love this weather! Great Monday pics!

Ann S. said...

Love all these Monday shots! I didn't know they had a gazebo at the park. Maybe we could meet there for lunch next week? I bet I know which tree they were cutting down. That was nice of Neil to pump gas for you :0) I wish this weather would last the rest of the summer.

Kelly said...

Gorgeous day! We spent the morning at the zoo :).
Maybe the guy in the car had a broken leg :/ or he's just a jerk.

Kay R. said...

Kelly, that's what I mentioned to your dad, that maybe the guy wasn't able to pump the gas ~ he was still aggravated :)