Monday, September 16, 2013

Day Two Hundred Fifty Nine 2013

Thanks again, sisters (and your families), for the Outback gift card you gave us on our 40th anniversary. We used it once, back when we first got it, and it was so generous that it still had plenty on it for another great meal. We decided to use it this evening, because after a week of being on a Slim Fast for breakfast and lunch kick and Subway for supper, we were in the mood for some real food. I didn’t particularly want broccoli, but I figured it would be a healthier choice than the sweet potato fries [I was amazed by my self control ~ those fries are pretty awesome]. The meal was such a nice treat, and we really do appreciate round two of this yummy gift.


Jane said...

Wow! So glad you guys had enough to get more goodies at Outback! Kudos for your willpower. I probably would have gotten the sweet potato fries! :)

Ann S. said...

What Jane said :)

Kelly said...

Yummers!!! I told Kerry we needed to treat ourselves to a steak dinner after the week we've had. Jealous!!! Looks so good :). You have to treat yourselves or you'll go crazy!