Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day Two Hundred Forty Eight 2013

Nine of us showed up for lunch in Dogwood Park today. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the lunch bunch. Niece Sarah got to join us. She brought sidewalk chalk which thrilled grandson Knox. When Sarah had to leave, he didn’t want to give up the chalk.
But he did get to play in the fountain, which also thrills him, so that was a fair trade for the chalk.
This afternoon, we watched grandson Elijah play in his first game of the season for Fall Ball. This time he’s playing in the coach’s pitch league ~ no more T Ball. In Fall Ball, they play for fun ~ no score.
Elijah played second base in this game and did pretty well ~ knocked a player down when he tagged her for the out. Oops.
I guess this was Fun and Games Thursday for my peeps who continue to grow up way too fast. [Granddaughter Shelby went to her first homecoming game at her middle school where I’m sure she was snapping pictures for the yearbook ~ hope she had fun, too.]


Jane said...

Wow! They are growing too fast! Elijah's in the big leagues now. :) I can't wait to see Shelby's yearbook work! Glad Sarah got to join the lunch bunch today. She was telling me about Knox and the blue chalk. :)

Kelly said...

Glad Knox and I got to join the lunch bunch!! It was groovy fun :) Great pics of Elijah! Wish we could have snapped a few of Shelby at her game. Hope she had fun:)

Ann S. said...

Enjoyed lunching with everyone yesterday. So glad Sarah got to join us. Knox kills me with that blue chalk :0) Playing in the fountain definitely got his mind of the sidewalk chalk. Looking forward to seeing Shelby's pictures. Elijah is in the big leagues now. He is growing up so fast. Can't believe how tall he is getting!