Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day Seventy Two 2013

Housework is always open ended. I feel a bit like Cinderella when I sweep the hearth with this worn out fireplace broom. [I always think of her as Cinderelly, like the Disney movie mice called her.]
Neil had the day off and was back out in the yard, getting it ready to put down some mulch. I didn’t envy him that, as it was a cold windy cloudy winter day ~ not much sun here. When I snapped this picture, there was a brief moment of snow flurries. Thought I was seeing things because at that moment the sun was out. They were here and gone in a blink.
We treated ourselves to a frozen cookies and cream drink at Poet’s coffee house this afternoon. Crazy thing to do on this cold day. It was delicious, but, living up to its name, froze us half to death.
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Neil built a fire when we got back home. Took the chill off for sure. So much for Cinderelly’s hard work sweeping that dirty hearth.


Jane said...

I'm not surprised you saw flurried today. It was blasted cold!! Although, I would have had the frozen drink at Poet's, too! Wish Don would want to do something with our yard. It looks horrible. Your little fireplace broom does look like poor Cinderelly's! :)

Ann S. said...

I saw some flurries flying when I was in Lebanon today. Very brief and that wind was cooooooooold! That fire looks so warm and inviting. Makes me miss our wood stove! I don't envy Neil at all working out in the yard today. Brrrrrrrrrr!

Kelly said...

Knox would dig that broom :)
We stayed in all day. Well we had to go pick up Kerry from the car place. Having Focus car problems. It heard us talking about getting the Fusion paid off soon. Never fails.