Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day Sixty Six 2013

Spring Break lunch today at my brother Ken’s new digs with sisters, nieces, nephews and hubby. Ken moved back to town recently, which means we get to spend more time together. He has decorated his home with several of his son Ian’s sculptures, including this bust Ian fashioned after his dad. The resemblance is spot on, don’t you think? (minus the mustache of course)
Here’s another take with the bust stylin in niece Sarah’s hat and sister Jane’s glasses. Can you say Facebook profile picture?


Ann S. said...

I love these shots! How cool to have a bust of yourself :0) Had a blast today with everyone. It was a most enjoyable day! Glad Ken is back in town. Love spending more time with my big bro!

Jane said...

It was fun - and we could get loud without disturbing the general public! :) These pics are so cool!

Kelly said...

Groovy bust!!! Maybe Ian could sculp my belly hairs :/