Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day Two Hundred Twenty Nine 2012

Lunch Bunch Peeps! These days the get-together is every other week, but the tradition lives. Today’s group: daughter Kelly, daughter Holly, hubby Neil, nephew Chris, sister Ann, grandson Knox, and brother Ken (and me). We met in Dogwood Park with good food and good conversation and, as always, lots of laughs. The day was warm, but we were blessed with some shade and a nice breeze every now and then. Knox came home with red cheeks and nose, a first for him. Fun stuff. Until next time….


Kelly said...

Twas a lovely day under the tall trees! Our first get together. Enjoyed it! Hope we can join in again soon :-D

Ann S. said...

A very enjoyable day in the park! I could tell Knox's cheeks were getting red today. Let's do it again soon!

Jane said...

Always hate to miss a fun family time. Glad you guys got to be outside today.